Pricing | Atticus

“Wait, how can this be free?”

We're glad you asked. Here's the deal:

We don't charge our clients – for anything, ever. We believe everyone deserves access to great legal help. Cost shouldn’t be a factor.

In some cases, this means we make no money. We don’t mind: We’re a social enterprise, and we’re in this for the long run.

In other cases, we get a percentage of the money (if any) that your lawyer earns from representing you. This is how we fund our service.

For example: Say you hire a lawyer we recommend, and they earn $1,000. At the end of the case, they might give $100 to Atticus. Lawyers are prohibited by law from passing this cost on to clients — so it never increases the amount you pay. We always disclose what the arrangement is for your case.

A small share of our cases generate outsize profits and subsidize the rest. Each of these funds hundreds of clients we serve pro bono.

Sometimes legal help is very lucrative. But mostly, it’s not. Most of our revenue comes from cases where a wealthy person needs a top-tier lawyer, or where a client was grievously harmed and someone has to pay for their care. By contrast, nearly all of our work in fields like family law or landlord-tenant law is done pro bono.

It’s a unique approach, and we’ve pioneered its use. There’s never been a place any American could turn for trusted help on any serious legal issue. We’re aiming to make Atticus the first.