We help clients navigate a complex landscape

Atticus is a law firm with a unique specialty: we offer primary-care-style support to clients in the earliest stages of their case. We diagnose their problems, recommend a course of action, and help them choose and hire the right lawyer to represent them going forward. (This is a service many clients are desperate for, but only a law firm can legally offer it — and no firm has previously done so in this way.)

As a byproduct of our work, we refer vetted clients to top law firms, lawyers, and nonprofits across the country.

How we operate

Professional roots

Atticus was founded out of Stanford Law School, and built with support from leading ethics counsel and top attorneys in a variety of fields.

Ethical lawyering

Our clients retain us, and we owe them the same ethical duties as any lawyer. We act in their interest at all times.

Rules compliance

Laws on referrals vary widely among states, and we comply with them all. We’ve published the only 50-state survey of relevant law.

Social mission

We don’t bill clients and we do our best to serve every client who comes through our door, however we can (including pro bono).

Old-school approach

We choose lawyers like you would — through trusted recommendations, informal networks, talking to clients, and reviewing work product.

Limitless network

We refer each case to the best attorney in the country who will take it. We don’t sell ads, leads, memberships, or listings. Nobody pays to join.

Questions & Answers

The Basics

What is Atticus?
Why does Atticus exist?
What does Atticus do for clients?
What kinds of clients does Atticus serve?
How does Atticus earn money?
Where does Atticus operate?
What’s with the name?

Structure & Ethics

Is Atticus a "legal tech" company, like Avvo or LegalZoom?
Is Atticus a lawyer referral service (or similar to one)?
Is Atticus “disrupting” law?
How does Atticus comply with state ethics rules?
Can I ethically accept a client from Atticus?
Why has no one built something like Atticus before?


Can I join your network and receive referrals from Atticus?
Can I refer clients to Atticus?
What kind of fee arrangement does Atticus expect?
Why should Atticus get a share of my legal fee?
How does Atticus choose and recommend lawyers?

Can we help one of your clients?

If you have a client we can help, we want to hear from you.
B Corp

At the bottom of many websites, you'll find a small disclaimer: "We are not a law firm and are not qualified to give legal advice." If you see this, run the other way. These people can't help you: they're prohibited by law from giving meaningful advice, recommending specific lawyers, or even telling you whether you need a lawyer at all. Most make money by selling advertisements or hawking your personal information to the highest bidder.

There's no disclaimer here: Atticus is a law firm, and we are qualified to give legal advice. We can answer your most pressing questions, make clear recommendations, and search far and wide to find the right lawyer for you. It's not easy: being a licensed law firm subjects us to complex regulations and requires painstaking work. But it's worth it, because it means we can truly help our clients as they take on life's biggest challenges. Others can't.

Two important things to note: If we give you legal advice, it will be through a lawyer on our staff communicating with you directly. (Don't make important decisions about your case based solely on this or any other website.) And if we take you on as a client, it will be through a document you sign. (No attorney-client relationship arises from using this site or calling us.) If any of this isn't clear, please reach out: we're always happy to explain more.

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