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Our people have names

Some even have personalities. Here at Atticus we take our business personally. We think it's important to know our customers personally as well. You'll have access to a team of IT professionals with decades of corporate IT experience, and you'll be assigned an IT manager who will get to know you and your business. We're here to help you get answers and find solutions.

What is Hosted Computing

Think of it as a network co-op, several business getting together and building a better network than they could afford on their own. First class data center, optimal system performance, fault tolerant, highly secure, but accessible, from anywhere at any time. Best of all, by sharing the cost, it's cheaper too.

Our core services are everything most businesses need to get the work done, best in class, functional and reliable. Then it's up to you. If it's technically possible, we can do it. We can add your accounting system, custom applications, industry-specific tools, just about anything you and your staff need to be productive.

Fortune 500 IT, Only Better

Yes, better. You get all the benefits of big company IT, group productivity, remote access, fault tolerance, and exceptional security.more>